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Description 鈼?True HEPA filter captures pollen, protect you against runny nose and sore throat. (Open the window will halve the result ) 鈼?nbsp;Three stage filtration system helps to reduce pet dander, and offers health fresh air 鈼?nbsp;HEPA &Active Carbon Filters captures smoke particles as small as 0.3 microns and larger and filters air pollution of PM 2.5. 鈼?nbsp;Different timers could meet your customized needs. Especially when you gonna asleep, the timer could help you turn off the air purifier automatically without disturbing on your dreams. 鈼?nbsp;Ozone Free, Safe for Health: No harmful substances or ozone released as it operates. Only reduce health risks, instead of adding more to the stake. 鈼?nbsp;AUTOMATIC FILTER REPLACEMENT REMINDER – The light button of those HEPA air purifiers flash automatically after accumulated 3-6 months if you used it daily. Please make sure to take off the outside plastic packing if you bought a replacement filter and please use the soft brush or vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the surface. Better breath, protect your family Specification Model NO.:KJ350 Rated Voltage:DC 24V Rated Power:19W N.W./G.W.:2.1KGS/3.0KGS Product Size:217*217*365mm Packing Size:570*570*430mm (4 sets in 1) Noise:24-50 dB Sensor:PM2.5 Sensor FiltersPre Filter + H13 HEPA Filter + Active Carbon + Cold catalyst CADR:150m3/h Application Area:15-20 Square meters Optional colors:White, Black Loading qty:800 (20GP)/1680(40GP) Filter Latest news ServiceCustomized Air Cleaner HEPA website:

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